Web User Experience

BMW - A unified design system for a truly global brand.

At the forefront of mobile technology and innovation, OPPO’s products enhance the lives of over 300 million people worldwide. Oppo.com is OPPO’s most important platform for online brand image communication, and it’s most important digital marketing channel. However, due to the reliance on a banner-based structure, the site faced several challenges, including difficulty scaling across devices, and a lack of visual consistency across markets.

With the redesign of oppo.com, the approach was to build a new design framework that introduced more breathing room around the content. This became our ‘ownable space,’ where we could bring to life OPPO’s unique design aesthetic.


We took inspiration from OPPO’s flagship stores, which are designed to create very open spaces that stimulate curiosity in their customers, encouraging them to further explore the store. We translated these same principles into a digital space. By breaking away from the previous banner-based structure, we introduced more breathing room, or “branded space” around the content.